Photos & Scrapbook Pages

Each of our members is very creative.  The following is a sampling of their work.  A club member may submit a scrapbook page for posting on this website by sending an image in "JPG" format to the webmaster at, along with your name and a title of your submission.


To save your Scrapbook Factory page as a JPG, go to the  menu and select the Export As Image option, then save as JPG from the dropdown menu.


Click on image to make larger, where applicable.

March 2018 Memory Pages by Jill Lind

February 2018 Memory Pages by Virginia Mauldin

February 2018 Challenge--Grid-Style Layout

January 2018 Memory Pages by Carol Kanapka

January 2018 Challenge--Make your titles pop!

December Memory Pages by Cathy Johnson

November 2017 Challenge--Scrapbook Pages without Pictures

November 2017 Memory Pages

October 2017 Challenge--Restore an old picture or make a word art idea your own

September Memory Pages

Summer Challenge 2017

May 2017 Memory Pages

May 2017 Challenge--Messy page or three squares or rectangles plus two circles or ovals

April 2017 Pages

April 2017 Challenge--Someone who had passed away--not necessarily a relative or person

March 2017 Pages

March 2017 Challenge--Genealogy and/or two-tone

February 2017 Pages

February 2017 Challenge--Cupcake Toppers

January 2017 Pages by Sue Allie

December 2016 Pages by Lou Leonard

November 2016 Pages by Joan Hall

2016 Summer Challenge

May Pages by Cathy Johnson

April Pages by Bev Katsoulis

April Challenge:  A beautiful saying with special text

March Pages by Carol Kanapka

February Pages by Maryann Goniea

2015 Christmas Party

Photo Gallery of Summer Challenge 2014

Photo Gallery of 2013 Fall Expo

Scrapbook Pages created by Club Members:

All About Me

by Linda Manson

MyMemories software



Totally Tropical

by Cathy Johnson

MyMemories software

The "Eyes" Have It--Emily with beautiful eyes

by Cathy Johnson

MyMemories software


Butterfly Don

by Cathy Johnson

MyMemories software

Wesley Doodles--the cute little poochie woochies

by Cathy Johnson

MyMemories software

Blooming Beauties

by Dottie Thibodeau

Scrapbook Factory 4

... Budapest at Night, submitted by Cathy Johnson (MyMemories software)

Grandson Shamus holding his game ball.

by July O'Neill

Scrapbook Factory 4