2017 Programs:


January 17


Card making with a Twist by Maryann Goneia and Joni Hall

Tip:  Cupcake topper


February 21

Challenge:  Cupcake toppers

Genealogy Layouts & More by Joni Hall



March 21

Using Paint in My Memories 8 by Joni Hall

Tips: Downloading and Installing Fonts by Virginia Mauldin


April 18



"Messy Pages" by Leslie Tromski, which includes using masks.  She will talk about having a personal style and how to break out of a rut of everything always looking alike.

Tip:  Adding outside graphics to scrapbooking pages


May 16

"Fathers & Sons, Fathers & Daughters" by Cathy Johnson



September 19

"How to Edit an Old Picture--PicMonkey and Photoshop Elements" by Judy O'Neil

Summer Challenges

Tip:  Our Website is Awesome!


October 17

"Scrapbook Pages Without Photos" by Joni Hall

Restore an Old Photo Challenge or Making Text Ideas Your Own

Tip: Downloading Files to all Programs


November 21

"How to Make Your Titles Pop" by Carol Kanapka

Holiday Challenges



December 18

Christmas Party

Secret Santa

Title Challenges

2016 Programs:


January 19

"Getting Organized" by Leslie Tromski


February 16

"Black & White" (Page designs) by Mary Ann Goniea


March 15

"Team Creations from a Kit" by Sue Allie

      We will be divided up into teams to create a scrapbook page with a beach theme.  This will be a challenge and a learning experience especially for our newcomers or those who haven't created many scrapbook pages.

     The following people volunteered to bring their laptops and they are to bring three photos with the beach theme in mind.  Lou Leonard, Nancy Murdock, Maryann Goniea, Cathy Johnson, Judy O'Neill, Lynn and me.  Hope I have the names all right.  Part of this project is to show the newcomers the process of creating a page and the various software we use.  The rest of us may learn from different techniques or other software.  I will provide the kit to use.  Let's have some fun!


April 19

"Compare and Contrast" (Simple & Complex) by Cindy Dilks

You must have an idea in mind.   What do you want to show ?
You need to know where you pictures are.

Go to Scrapbook program  and select:   ‘Design from scratch’ then ‘scrapbook’, then ‘letter ( tall )’

Now you are on your blank page, set margins for borderless, save project and give it a title

For this ‘simple’ example; select a background and stretch it to fill the page, get your pictures ( ‘add items’ then ‘add graphic from file’ )  and put them on page.  As you get each one, move them a little so they don’t sit on top of each other.

Move the pictures around, place them where you want them.  Add text, I always ‘bold’ the text, it seems to show up better. Move the text around also.  Now you have a very basic, simple page.

For a more complex page, start the same way.  Select your first background and fill the page.  Now select a second background, don’t make it full size and put it at an angle to the first page.  Select a third page, making it smaller, and at a different angle or you can keep it straight.

Add the pictures as you did before; put a line around them using a color, and crop the picture.

Add your text, play with different fonts.

Go to ‘add items’ then ‘add graphic from library’ (this is all the stuff supplied by the program), go to ‘gallery’ (this is just one choice but it has a lot of items) and find some embellishments.  Select an embellishment you like, it will be placed in the center of your page.  You can move it around and size it to fit where you want to put it.

‘Save’ your project frequently.

Have fun, move stuff around, add or delete items, and make it your own.  It can always be changed and there is no right or wrong to any of this.


May 17

End of the Year Party

September 20

Challenge:  The Things We Did Last Summer

How to Use "Shape It" Frames by Maryann Goniea

Tips:  3 Ways to Identify Page Elements that We Used by Joan Hall

October 18

Scrapbook Pages Without Photos by Joni Hall

Challenges from September

Memory pages from September's meeting

Tips:  Keep track of scrapbook page ideas in a bound book.  How to download files in all prorams.  how to use background papers and embellishments in Photoshop Elements


November 15

Thaksgiving/Christmas Cards by Lou Leonard


December 20

Challenge:  Display

Holiday Brunch & Gift Surprise